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Café Copain Cycling Roast is an ode to friendship

Coffee roaster Yves Claes from Houtvenne has been a passionate coffee roaster and cyclist for years. Yves worked on Café Copain's recipe for years to get the perfect blend it is today.

In his spare time, Yves regularly rides his racing bike and gravel bike, and he dares to participate in a competition every now and then.
For Yves, Café Copain is the fusion of his two ultimate passions.
Yves works together with the gentlemen from Count Me In cycling agency to expand the Café Copain Cycling Roast brand.

The beans come from seven countries, mainly South and Central America, grown with respect for people and nature. The branding takes place in Belgium, especially in Westmeerbeek. Café Copain Cycling Roast is a medium roast coffee. We chose 100% Arabica beans. The coffee is accessible, nice to drink black, but also goes perfectly with milk. Café Copain Cycling Roast is tailor-made for the cyclist. Café Copain gives you unforgettable moments, on and off the bike. The coffee is composed for and by cyclists.